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About Forths Forensic Accountants

Forths Forensic Accountants was established in 2002 to provide quantum assessments to assist in financial and legal disputes. Given that our service is highly specialised, we have taken great care in assembling some of the best forensic accounting minds to make up our team.

From our inception, the overall objective was to establish one of the largest specialist forensic accountancy practices in the UK.

Over the years we have developed an exceptional reputation for delivering market leading forensic accountancy services. Our team has developed a palette of services to meet the needs of our clients, which encompasses solicitors, insurance companies, large corporates, local authorities, SMEs and individuals alike.

Forensic Accounting

Forths Forensic Accountants is a specialist business which consistently delivers favourable outcomes to clients across the UK. 

Having grown year on year, we continue to enhance our reputation for providing robust, independent and commercially astute forensic accounting solutions across a broad spectrum of legal cases. Our expertise and experience has provided and continues to provide a conduit for successful settlement in a significant number of matters each year.

Forensic Accountancy Assistance in Legal Disputes

From our offices in Leeds and Manchester, our experienced team of over 35 highly qualified forensic accountants are approachable, flexible and constantly strive to provide the highest quality service by adding real value rather than simply playing with the figures.

To hear more about our Forensic Accountancy Services or to discuss a current or potential case on a no obligation basis with a member of our team call us on 0113 387 5670.

Alternatively you can send an email to or fill out an Enquiry Form and a member of our team will contact you at the earliest possible convenience.