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What Our Clients Say

"Forths help take the chaos out of special damages claims." 


"Your evidence undoubtedly assisted us in obtaining an excellent outcome for our client.  Please accept my own gratitude for all your hard work and efforts on my client's behalf in this difficult matter."


"We have worked with Forths for many years and they have, throughout that period, provided invaluable support in a consistently professional manner.  Whether preparing white-labelled schedules or details expert forensic reports in large value claims, they maintain a level of expertise and efficiency which, in our opinion, is second to none."


"I would like to thank you for your excellent service. The assistance that you have given was prompt and well expressed, and will help sustain the client's claim for income and pension losses."


"We express our thanks to you for all your assistance in this matter which has proven invaluable.  If it had not been for your hard work we would have not been able to achieve this settlement for our client."


"I needed help from professional tax advisers to declare rental income from a property I own abroad.  I approached Forths purely on the basis of their website, rather than personal recommendation.  I was very pleased to hear that my tax disclosure was accepted without comment.  At every stage, the adviser I dealt with was extremely professional, straight forward and completely reliable.  As a result, a potential complex situation was made simple and I have an outcome which I am very happy with, and that I definitely could not have achieved on my own.  Don't hesitate to go to Forths."


"Excellent advice and professional throughout in respect of assistance in making a tax disclosure through the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility.  A fairly complex situation in our mind was dealt with very little hassle."


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