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The Forths Approach

Our approach is to develop and maintain close working relationships with all our clients. You will be appointed and have direct access to the forensic accountant dealing with your case. This ensures that you are liaising on a one to one basis with your personally appointed forensic accountant in order to maintain clear and proactive communication throughout your case and until settlement if required.

Your Forensic Accountant

We are friendly, professional and forthright in our opinions and passionate about delivering a high quality commercial service which adds value and resolves issues for our clients. 

As a business we are flexible to our clients’ needs. Over the years we have developed a palette of services to meet the differing and ever changing needs of our clients and we continue to develop innovative forensic accountancy solutions to assist in the dispute resolution process.

Forensic Accountancy Services - call 0113 387 5670 to discuss your needs 

We are often called upon to deliver work to tight deadlines. The structure and size of our practices allows us to undertake urgent tasks without compromising the quality of work produced.

To hear more about our Forensic Accountancy Services or to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team call 0113 387 5670

Alternatively you can send an email to or fill out an Enquiry Form and a member of our team will contact you at the earliest possible convenience.