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Financial Fraud - Forensic Accounting

Fraud occurs on many different levels and is often highly complex by nature, if it has been alleged that you have committed fraud of any kind you should seek professional advice and assistance from forensic accountants to ensure you are best possible position to defend your case.

Our team of forensic accountants are called upon by solicitors, barristers and individuals to assist in conspiracy to defraud cases and fraud investigations, our expertise in fraud covers cases ranging from a few thousand pounds to multi million pound complex, systematic and multi jurisdiction fraud.

Financial Fraud Investigations

In conspiracy to defraud cases our forensic accountants can assist by:

The types of conspiracy to defraud cases we can assist in include:

VAT Fraud

VAT Fraud occurs when invoices are falsified. For example, when VAT is levelled and received as a payment following the raising of an invoice, and the VAT amount is not paid to HMRC. It is an offence of tax evasion and is usually channelled through the supply of goods and services. Large cases of this type of fraud will often carry lengthy custodial sentences.

Benefit Fraud

Benefit Fraud occurs when an individual deliberately fails to report a change in their circumstances when in receipt of benefits, or when an individual is dishonest in order to receive benefits. In some cases benefits are stopped whilst the allegation is being investigated. The Government has clamped down hard on benefit fraud in recent years, with the offence carrying a custodial sentence in extreme cases, and often a requirement to repay the fraudulently claimed benefits to the DWP or HMRC.

White Collar Fraud

White Collar Fraud can cover a wide range of offences. Typically this can include bribery and corruption, money laundering, financial fraud (such as insider trading, boiler room fraud, credit card fraud, bank fraud), counterfeiting of goods, mobile phone fraud and environmental fraud.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud occurs when false information is provided on applications to fraudulently obtain a mortgage on or against a property or a number of properties. It can occur by taking out mortgages on unsuspecting individuals, taking out multiple mortgages or changing the deeds on a property without the owner’s knowledge. Large scale mortgage fraud can run into multi million pounds in value and will most likely carry a custodial sentence.

MTIC Fraud (Missing Trader Intra-Community Fraud)

MTIC Fraud is a type of VAT Fraud which takes place in cross-border transactions. It occurs when a non VAT registered business charges VAT for the sale of goods or services, but the VAT is not paid to HMRC. Types of MTIC Fraud include Carousel Fraud, Acquisition Fraud and Contra Trading. MTIC is often highly complex, with networks covering different jurisdictions.

**We are happy to undertake work in this area at Legal Aid rates.

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