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Employee Fraud

Our forensic accountants are regularly instructed on fraud cases whereby an employee or group of employees has committed fraud against their employer, typical cases can be ranging from wide spread, complex and systematic frauds involving many millions of pounds, to relatively low level fraud committed by an individual to the tune of a few thousand pound.

Fraud by Employees

Whatever the size of the fraud, there will be an effect on the business usually meaning a financial loss which of course will no matter how small have a direct impact on profits. 

Our experienced team of forensic accountants can assist in investigating the trail of fraud to establish the level at which it has taken place, we can also establish what the financial loss is to the company over the entire period of the fraudulent activity.

Employee Fraud Investigations 

It is essential that if you suspect that fraud is taking place within your organisation, you seek professional advice to ensure that you can establish the accurate facts. Unfortunately, fraud by employees is very commonplace in the UK.

Alongside investigating a fraud that has taken place, we are also able to assist in establishing appropriate measures within the business to ensure that the possibility of it happening again is minimalised.

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