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Forensic Accounting - Financial Mis-selling

Financial mis-selling cases have increased in recent years, financial organisations such as banks, pension and mortgage providers have been found to have mis-sold services to consumers and investors which could have caused financial loss to those involved.

Financial Mis-selling Claims

Our team of forensic accountants is able to prepare quantum assessments to assist in the initial phase of investigating the level of financial loss sustained. As such cases are often highly complex, it is essential that you seek expert advice.

Given our size, structure and expertise our team of forensic accountants is able to handle large volumes of cases in the area of financial mis-selling. We are regularly instructed by solicitors, businesses and individuals to assist in such cases, and consistently achieve favourable results.

Mis-sold Financial Services

Though analysing all relevant financial information and by applying our specialist expertise, we are able to establish the level of financial loss as result of investing in a particular financial product, and the consequential future losses.

If you believe you have been mis-sold financial products or services you should seek professional and independent advice to assist you in your cause for recompense.

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