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Forensic Accounting

No matter how small or complex the dispute, our forensic accountants can assist. We are the numbers people.

What is Forensic Accounting?

In summary, forensic accounting is the application of accountancy skills to assist in the solution of quantum issues in legal cases.

In almost every legal dispute there is a financial element to consider. This is where we can assist.

Our team of forensic accountants are called upon to provide in depth investigations and opinions into all aspects of associated financial evidence to assist in the settlement of legal cases and to provide a conduit for successful dispute resolution.

Given our investigative accountancy skill set we are also often requested to consider scenarios which fall outside of the formal legal process, for example, in tax investigations by HMRC and in making voluntary disclosures of unpaid tax.

Forensic Accounting Services - 0113 387 5670 

Forths are able to assist in a wide range of legal disputes including personal injury claims, business interruption claims, criminal litigation, fraud investigations, commercial disputes, matrimonial disputes and tax investigations and voluntary disclosures to HMRC.

Our team of forensic accountants assists:

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