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Forensic Accounting

Forths Forensic Accountants are one of the UK’s leading specialist forensic accounting practices. We specialise in providing our clients with robust forensic accounting and expert witness services in a wide range of legal disputes.

The main driving force behind Forths is our ability to attract and retain some of the brightest minds in the field of forensic accounting from around the country.

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Our forensic accounting services include quantum assessments and financial investigations on an Agency or Expert basis to assist practitioners in the areas of:

For more information about our services or to discuss a potential case on a no obligation basis, call us on 0113 387 5670 or fill out an Enquiry Form and we will contact you directly.

Our team of highly trained and experienced forensic accountants produce in depth financial reports and quantum assessments to ensure that you are well supported in your legal dispute. Depending on the type of case, we are able to produce different reporting formats, including abbreviated formats as well as those that are appropriate for use in Court.

We represent and support a wide range of clients throughout the United Kingdom, across a broad spectrum of legal issues in cases valuing from thousands to multi-million pound disputes. So whether you are a solicitor, insurer, large corporate organisation, SME or a private individual, our team of experts is on hand to help see you through even the most complex financial and legal disputes.

We provide independent, high quality and in-depth financial investigations and quantum assessments all delivered in a cost effective and highly professional manner. Our team is approachable, experienced and the internal infrastructure at Forths allows us to deliver large volumes of work within agreed timescales, and in particular, to tight deadlines.

Forensic Accounting Services – Call us on 0113 387 5670 

Over the years, we have developed a range of services specifically designed to meet the ever changing needs of our clients to assist in the satisfactory solution of quantum issues in legal cases.

Our experienced and expert team of forensic accountants assists a broad range of clients across the UK, in both Claimant and Defendant scenarios. We support:

To hear more about our Forensic Accounting Services or to discuss a current or potential case on a no obligation basis with a member of the Forths team call us on 0113 387 5670.

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