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Loss of Earnings 

Our team of specialist forensic accountants provide detailed quantum assessments of loss of earnings for both self-employed and employed individuals in personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

We are regularly instructed in both Claimant and Defendant scenarios to apply our specialist expertise in calculating the financial loss elements in cases. Whether this is on an Expert or Agency basis to assess loss of salary or complex scenarios involving loss of future income and profits. Our approach is robust and thorough, acting on both a single or joint basis if required.

Calculating Loss of Earnings

Our Expert services encompass:

Our Agency / White Label services encompass:

Employed Claimant Loss of Earnings

In cases of employed individuals we will review and consider post-accident loss of loss of bonuses, overtime, career promotions, commissions and taxable contributions and allowances.

Self Employed Claimant Loss of Earnings 

For self-employed individuals we will review and consider pre-accident trading history, growth patterns, impact of the accident on income and profit streams and expense patterns.

In each scenario we provide independent, detailed and robust loss of earnings reports encompassing all the information required to accurately assess and quantify the financial loss to the individual following the accident.

We provide flexible solutions to meet your requirements and will undertake the initial assessment of cases free of charge in order to establish the level of input required.

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