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Forensic Accounting - Professional Negligence

It can sometimes be the case that you may receive negligent advice from a professional which can ultimately have a financial impact on your and your business. Our team of forensic accountants is regularly instructed to assist in professional negligence matters on behalf of businesses and individuals.

Professional Negligence Claims

Typical cases in which we can assist include:

Our forensic accountants will work with you to establish the level of financial loss sustained as a result of negligent advice from a professional.

Claims Against Professionals

When you seek professional advice from a solicitor, accountant or surveyor it is with the objective of gaining a greater understanding or commercial advantage from a particular situation. If you have made an important decision based on the advice you have been provided, and that the advice turns out to be negligent, then this will no doubt have an impact on you, in most cases, from a financial perspective.

Our forensic accountants can analyse and investigate the level of loss you have incurred which will assist you in bringing a claim to recover appropriate damages.

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