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Forensic Accounting - PI and Clinical Negligence

Our team of forensic accountants have considerable experience and expertise to assist in calculating special damages in personal injury and clinical negligence matters, in both Claimant and Defendant scenarios.

Forths have developed a range of forensic accounting services to assist in investigating and calculating the quantum loss elements in all types of personal injury and clinical negligence claims of all values. The forensic accountancy services we provide are delivered on an Agency / White Label or Expert basis.

Special Damages 

Analysing the financial elements of loss within personal injury cases is often complex and encompasses a myriad of different factors. Our team of forensic accountants have specialist expertise to assist in calculating special damages relating to:

Loss of Earnings

We can provide you with detailed and thorough investigations and reports into the assessment of lost earnings for both self-employed and employed individuals.

We can add real value in complex employed scenarios, particularly in relation to high earning individuals, and employees in local authority, NHS, MoD, Police Service, Fire Service and education.

In self employed scenarios we consider all elements relating to the client and the loss to their business.  

Loss of Profit

For business owners and self-employed individuals we are able to assess loss of profit / loss of income to include detailed consideration of trading history, growth patterns, impact on income streams and expense patterns.

We are regularly called upon to liaise directly with a client's accountant in order to obtain all relevant profit and loss accounts information.

Loss of Pension

Pension loss elements in claims are usually highly complex, particularly in cases where there is both a private and state pension. This area is likely to become even more complicated following new legislation and the introduction of the Compulsory Workplace Pension Scheme.

We provide detailed reviews and reports to assist in all types of cases where the client has suffered a loss of pension. In cases involving pension loss we are happy to obtain all relevant pension scheme information to assist in quantifying the client's loss.

Loss of Dependency

In fatal cases we are able to apply our skills to assist in calculating accurate percentage of dependency where a family remains of the deceased. We appreciate that such cases are complicated and delicate. Our forensic accounting skills regularly assist in dealing with the highly complex quantum elements in dependency claims. 

Forensic Accounting - Call Forths on 0113 387 5670

We have developed our forensic accounting services over the years to assist in all types and values of cases, and given our size and structure we are able to handle high volume case loads, produce different reporting formats and deliver high quality work to tight deadlines.

Our team has considerable experience and expertise in assisting in the quantum loss elements in all types of personal injury and clinical negligence cases to ensure that clients receive accurate levels of compensation.

Types of  cases in which we are regularly instructed includes:

We provide flexible solutions to meet your requirements and will undertake the initial assessment of cases free of charge in order to establish the level of input required. We are also happy to obtain all relevant information relating to the client's financial loss in order to assist in quantifying their special damages.

To hear more about our Forensic Accountancy Services or to discuss how Forths can assist you in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases, call us on 0113 387 5670

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