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Forensic Accounting - Loss of Pension 

Calculating pension loss in personal injury and clinical negligence cases is highly complex given the variety of pension schemes.

Our team of forensic accountants are regularly instructed to provide loss of pension reports / schedules in both Claimant and Defendant cases. We apply our forensic accounting expertise to provide detailed assessments and calculations to present a figure that is representative of the substantiated level of pension loss to the individual following an accident.

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We provide pension loss reports on an  Agency / White Label or Expert basis and our forensic accountancy services in this area encompasses:

The level of pension loss often depends on the severity of the accident and subsequent impact on the individual as a direct result of said accident. Forths undertake a large volume of cases involving pension loss calculations and have considerable expertise and experience to assist solicitors, insurers and counsel, particularly in complex cases.

Loss of Pension Claims

Our forensic accounting expertise covers a wide range of scenarios and different pension schemes (state pensions / defined benefit pensions / defined contribution pensions). With new legislation and the introduction of the government’s Compulsory Workplace Pension Scheme, this area is likely to become even more complex.

We provide flexible solutions to meet your requirements and will undertake the initial assessment of cases free of charge in order to establish the level of input required. We are also happy to gather all relevant pension scheme information on behalf of our clients.

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