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Director Fraud

Our team of forensic accountants are often instructed by companies to conduct investigations when a director is suspected of committing fraud against the business.

Typically, given the senior nature of the position held by the individual or group of individuals committing the fraud, there will have been an impact on the performance of the business. In some cases there can be more serious consequences for the business, for example, if there have been any breaches of industry regulations.

Company Director Fraud

Through using our forensic accountancy expertise we can establish the trail of fraud and calculate the level of financial impact as a result. This will often assist in the process of compiling evidence in support of a lawsuit against the fraudulent director.

By calculating the level of financial loss, this can also be used as a measure against any potential repayments that will need to be made back to the company following the fraud.

Fraud Investigations 

Director fraud is often very complex in nature and can range from thousands to millions of pounds in value.

In addition to assisting in the development of such cases we can also assist by working with you to help put in place systems and protocols to ensure that the possibility of fraud taking place in your organisation is minimalised.

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