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Money Laundering Offences

Our team of forensic accountants are regularly instructed to assist in the defence of alleged money laundering offences arising out of criminal investigations.

Money laundering takes place when the proceeds of a criminal activity are transformed into seemingly legitimate gains or assets. The process essentially ‘cleans’ the gains made from criminal activity and can be conducted by a number of methods, which can be simple or highly complex.

Laundering Money

The laundering of money usually takes place by:

Money Laundering Cases

If you are being investigated for suspected money laundering offences it is essential that you instruct professional forensic accountants at the earliest possible opportunity to assist in the defence of your case.

Confiscation of assets cases are generally linked to money laundering offences following Proceeds of Crime investigations. We are able to assist in confiscation cases.

**We are happy to undertake work in this area at Legal Aid rates.

For confidential information about how Forths can assist you in Money Laundering Cases contact a member of the Forths team on 0113 387 5670.

Alternatively you can send an email to or fill out an Enquiry Form and a member of our team will contact you at the earliest possible convenience.


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