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Forensic Accounting - Mortgage Mis-selling

Our forensic accountants are increasingly instructed to assist in the initial and quantum assessment in relation to mortgage mis-selling claims. We are able to apply our expertise to assist individuals in the process of making a claim for mis-sold mortgage products.

Mortgage Mis-selling Claims

As a result of the property boom in the UK and incentives available to those facilitating and selling mortgage products, it led many in the industry to take increased risk in lending mortgages. Some lenders were approving mortgages to those at ten times the level of their salary, and up to 125% of the value of a property.

As many mortgage advisors and providers were driven by the high commissions that were made through the facilitation of a mortgage, this led to the mis-selling of mortgages to many.

Financial Mis-selling Claims

Some of the following circumstances are not an exhaustive list. However, if they sound familiar to you, then it may be worth you contacting us on 0113 387 5670 to see if we can assist you in making a claim for compensation:

Mortgage mis-selling occurred in a number of ways and we can assist you in making your claim for compensation.

To hear more about how Forths can assist you in your Mortgage Mis-selling Claim, call us on 0113 387 5670.

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