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Forensic Accounting - Criminal Defence 

Our team of specialist criminal defence forensic accountants regularly assist in criminal investigations and fraud cases that involve a financial element.

If a Defendant is about to be charged in connection with criminal or fraudulent activity that includes a financial investigation, our forensic accounting expertise can assist in developing an understanding of the financial aspects of the case.

Criminal Defence Accountants 

It is essential that to be able to best defend a criminal or fraud investigation there is enough time to collate the maximum information about the alleged activity to ensure that appropriate questions are asked of the prosecution and other parties involved. A prime example of where an issue can be caused is when banks are asked for copies of bank statements and cheque records as banks are often notoriously slow in processing such requests.

When a case goes to trial, assuming that the Defendant admits some burden of guilt, the sentence imposed can be influenced by the amount of money or assets that have been illegally obtained, hence why it is vitally important to accurately determine such values through applying appropriate forensic accounting skill.

Criminal and Fraud Investigations

Our team of forensic accountants can assist in financial investigations in criminal cases such as:

It can sometimes be the case that a well-planned defence can result in the prosecution case being dropped even before or during trial.

Our forensic accountants undertake a broad range of criminal cases from high profile criminal defence solicitors and barristers across the country to assist in the financial investigation aspects of cases.

**We are also happy to undertake work in this area at Legal Aid rates.

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